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Our digital local plan software, PlaceMaker, makes it easy for Planners to understand their communities and plan for a better world.
Site search map with comments from residents and details of a highlighted siteA Site search map with a site highlighted and comments from the public

Made by planners, for planners

Each feature in PlaceMaker has been developed based on the team's previous experience as planners, as well as the requirements of the local authorities we work with.

By creating scalable solutions across all PlaceMaker councils, we can make sure we're moving the planning system forward as a whole. We work exclusively with the public sector and are committed to empowering the people who shape the places around us.

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PlaceMaker, one platform for the whole local plan process

Site Assessment

Find sites from across your local authority. Our Site Assessment tool lets you combine your data sets with public data to find sites and automatically assess development scenarios. You no longer need to be a GIS expert to get to grips with geospatial data. Our Site Assessment tool makes it simple.

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Interactive Consultation Documents

Our drag-and-drop Document Builder comes with interactive audience question blocks. And, our analysis tool lets you visualise trends in audience responses.

So, it's easy to create interactive consultation documents and understand the views of stakeholders.

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Representation management

Our Rep Manager allows you to collect reps from sources like emails, interactive question responses, PDFs, wherever. You can split reps by topic and sentiment and combine templated responses to save time. Plus our long-form text analysis tool lets you see trends across representations and develop your plan based on them.

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Tech support on hand for easy set up

Migrating your data

Build your site assessment catalogue with our national datasets or upload your own planning layers.

Learning to use the platform

We'll show you how to use our app during set up. You'll also be able to ask questions about the platform, and see answers to other users' questions by clicking on our feedback button.

Ad hoc support if you get stuck

With dedicated account managers for each of our clients, our team of Planners, Data Scientists and Developers should be able to answer any questions that you have. Just write a message or a call. Urgent issues are worked on on the same day.

How we helped the London Borough of Hounslow

Assessing 191x more plots for potential development

The Mayor set an ambitious target for Hounslow to create 17,820 homes over five years. Using our call-for-sites form and automatic site assessment they were able to save hundreds of man-hours. With PlaceMaker, Hounslow assessed 115,000 sites so that they could meet the objectives of the Mayor’s new London Plan.

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How it works

Step 1

Choose the products & services you need

We make products for every part of the Local Plan process. Have a look at our product page and see what's most useful to you and your team. If you need something created bespoke, we can do that too.
Step 2

Arrange a demo

Just click the button and choose a time and date that works for you. We'll do the rest.
Step 3

We meet your procurement requirements

Working with local authorities across the country has given us extensive experience in meeting the needs of your ICT, legal and commercial teams. We are a Crown Commercial Supplier and our PlaceMaker platform is hosted on theGovernment's G Cloud 13.
Which is a Government-created tool for assessing and procuring suppliers. So, it's easy to get started.  
Step 4

We’ll hold your hand through onboarding

We'll help you to make sure that your data is in the correct format & set you up with publicly available databases. We'll also help you to import your GIS layers for geospatial analysis. You don't need to be a data expert to get set up with PlaceMaker.

We'll help you and your team get familiar with our platform. We're always on hand if you get stuck. Just pick up the phone or write us a message. A real human will be there to help you.

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