Frequently asked questions

Data management

How do software updates work?

We update for bug fixes, maintenance issues and the launch of small features every two weeks. For bigger updates such as large features, new client spaces, and new functionalities - we release an update around once a month. If there's an update that might affect a council's use of the platform - we let you know in advance. Our product is web-based so you never need to install an update on your computer.

Getting set up

Could we share our contacts and you automatically upload them for us?

Yes, we can batch upload your contacts for you or you can add them in yourself. We also have a Call For Sites form feature so that Landowners and Agents can upload their own contact details into your system

Getting set up

How long does it take to get set up?

It takes less than a day to set up a new environment


How does the platform integrate with email and our communications team?

In our Rep Manager you can assign reps to team members and mix and match templated replies to representations based on topics and sentiment. You can track every comment and it's reply.

Site details

Is it possible to add fields ourselves and input comments on sites?

Yes, it's possible to add fields and edit them. You can also search by the content that you add to sites. We have a notes feature where you can write your comments or assessment of a site and those notes are shared with the other users


If I break it will there be support?

Well, firstly, you can’t break it. If anything goes awry, we're available on the phone, through email and via Microsoft Teams. You can also reach us through our websites chat function and through the applications feedback button. Your feedback goes to a real human, based in our office in Bristol, urgent cases are dealt with right away.

Still have questions?

Get in touch, using the 'Ask us anything' button. A real person based in our office in Bristol will help with your request.